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All Things Blues And Southern Rock started out as a small Facebook group with me, and some of my closest friends having a place where we could share music from the blues-rock genre that we all loved. My love and appreciation of this genre began with my obsession with The Black Crowes, and also a few other bands such as Cry Of Love, Brother Cane, North Mississippi Allstars, and former(at the time) Black Crowes guitarist' band Magpie Salute. 


One day, I don't remember when, I came across a podcast about The Black Crowes called State Of Amorica, I believe on a Black Crowes message board. After a couple phone calls with, and a lot of encouragement from State Of Amorica founder David Hudson, I finally broke through the wall of fear, and decided to start the All Things Blues And Southern Rock podcast. There we were, about 20 friends and myself, sharing music on this Facebook group. Prior to the podcast, David, and his co-host Ian Rice were kind enough to mention the Facebook group on their podcast. Before long, we were up to 200 members. After a short time, and a handful of episodes, we had grown the membership even more, and we were knocking on the door of 1000 members. 


Eventually I was joined by the best partner in crime as a co-host I could imagine, the one and only Jason Johantges. Once again David and Ian from State Of Amorica came through with the recommendation of Jason, who has turned out to be the perfect yin to my yang. We're beyond grateful for the continued success of the podcast. We've had the pleasure to chat with some amazing guests including former Black Crowes, and current Trigger HIppy drummer Steve Gorman, Blackberry Smoke singer, and guitarist Charlie Starr, and both Greg Martin, and Richard Young from The Kentucky Headhunters, to name a few.  We've also had the pleasure to chat with great bands, and now friends, such as The Steepwater Band, Magnolia Bayou, Them Dirty Roses, Jive Mother Mary, The Georgia Thunderbolts, The Cold Stares, Mojo Thunder, Fortune Child, and Babylon Shakes, amongst many others. 

Southern Rock is Reverant, Blues is Blood 

Brian Jones- founder of All Things Blues And Southern Rock podcast.